Open source coordination of distributed processes for Java.

Getting Started »

  • Simple run and control of distributed processes
  • Reusable actors (Workers and Deciders)
  • Creation of actors in native Java-style
  • Handy scalability of actors and servers
  • Full control through Web-console
  • Failover scheduling of processes

Taskurotta is based on Amazon SWF ideology. Common idea is concentration on business logic instead on low level communication issues. All business-logic should be implemented in reusable components «Actors» - «Workers» and «Deciders». Actors can be organized to work in one JVM instance or in different JVM instances. This is very flexible solution which can be used for fault-tolerance or load-balancing.

All parameters of actors and their work results are stored for a future analysis. It’s very convenient to have archive of data for operational analysis and regression tests.

Actors can work as in existed application servers or as in special simple stack - «Taskurotta .bootstrap». Taskurotta server has simple REST interface for interaction between actors and clients which can start process in the system. Process creation and coordination can be implemented in common Java-style coding. All you need it’s just to work with object who has implementation of business interface.

Taskurotta has using Hazelcast in-memory data grid for creating shared memory and runtime environment between Taskurotta servers. This framework allows us to create transparent scalability. All nodes have auto-discovery feature which helps to register new node and distribute memory from one node to another.

Processes which should run by schedule can be used with Process Scheduler who has configuration based on cron-expressions. Process Scheduler also as all of components has fault-tolerance feature and can be run on one of live Taskurotta server after system crash.

Web-console helps to control all process. It can be accessed on every node of Taskurotta servers. Web-console main features: